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Much To Be Thankful For, Much To Look Forward To!

We were honored to recently be featured in the Midland Magazine as a local business in the event planning industry that survived the unprecedented 2020 lockdown and event cancellations due to the pandemic. Although the situation we each found ourselves in was unlike anything we had faced before, we did our best to rise to the challenge and continue to spread cheer, which so many needed desperately. We are thankful to have survived that difficult season; it is truly something to celebrate.

In some ways, it is hard to believe that it was about one year ago that the graduating class of 2020 found themselves trying to plan how to safely celebrate their own graduation while navigating the new and unfolding coronavirus threat.

This year, conditions are thankfully a little safer and many will be planning celebrations to commemorate their 2021 Graduation! We are gearing up to supply some truly amazing balloon displays and bouquets to make it a celebration they won't forget! Be sure to contact us as soon as you can to reserve your orders! (432) 279-0480

In case you missed us in the Midland Magazine, here is an excerpt from the article:

"In January, Cody celebrated the fifth anniversary of Cody’s Red Balloon, a business he formed to help others celebrate. He credits his grandmother with introducing him to his passion at age 10 when she rented a helium tank in Lubbock for his birthday party. As he grew up he’d often rent helium tanks, and he spent time filling his ceiling with balloons. Not a lot has changed, as one walks through his home in Midland, there are large balloon bouquets and constructions in various stages within the rooms. His workroom resembles a party store with packages of professional-quality balloons of every hue arranged along one entire wall, and various valves connected to tanks in stations around the perimeter.
To fund his passion, Cody worked as a Texas master florist from 2001-2018. He still uses flowers and balloons together is some bouquets, but set his sights on large-scale balloon installations like at Midland Fair Havens’ Gingerbread Haven. That was a big challenge, he explained, because it was held at the Horseshoe Pavilion, and “it took a lot to fill the space.” Instant décor was created with 8-foot balloons “to bring down the ceiling” including those shaped like candy-canes as well as a balloon arch at the entrance. He’d like the opportunity to install balloons at car dealerships because the high ceilings in those showrooms would allow lots of artistic expression.
In pre-COVID days, Cody’s balloon creations ranged from $350 to $18,000, but 2020 saw lots of cancellations. It also sent his ballooniversity teaching into hiatus. He originally earned his certification via a series of VHS videotapes, passed 5-6 tests, and then successfully provided a hands-on demonstration of his creativity. Cody has taught at a balloon convention in Athens, Georgia, in Los Angeles at a distributor’s location and at workshops in Orlando and St. Louis. Although webinars can provide concepts, hands-on instruction is better, he explains.
Last spring, to keep from getting depressed, Cody says he pivoted and began creating front yard displays on Kansas Street because “what we do brings joy to everybody.” He started with a rainbow and then, at the end of March, the balloon industry recommended designs with 1 million bubbles and #heal. He made an Easter installation on his lawn and covered the double front doorway at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church with flower balloons. Since high school seniors’ plans were disrupted, he designed a balloon backdrop for graduation photos. Holiday installations continued with July 4, Halloween, and Christmas all getting unique yard pieces such as a gingerbread house and Santa’s village at St. Luke’s. Generally, his creations last several days outside—the cross he fashioned even stood through a storm; however, the year-end snowfall zapped his New Year’s offering early.
Cody hopes as events return to the Midland calendar, that he’ll continue to have bookings at nonprofit fundraisers, more schools, and private parties. His helper, Harlan Rhodes (another local balloon artist), is ready to help him utilize half a dozen 5-foot air and helium tanks per month. His welder is also ready to assist with construction of frames from electrical metallic tubing (EMT) conduit, PVC pipe and aluminum rods. So if you see the giant Cody’s Red Balloon van around town, you’ll know a balloon masterpiece is being transported somewhere.

Read the full article here:

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