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What's Trending Now at Cody's Red Balloon?

Yes, there are trends in the balloon world! Just the same as the fashion world, and topics that trend on social media, people see what their friends, families, and neighbors are doing -- and they want to do it too! So, what balloon creations have been trending lately, you ask? Well, let us show you!

Shimmer Walls

We can't think of a more fun backdrop for a special event than these glitzy, customizable shimmer walls! Guests are sure to be lining up to take their pics in front of them! They are a simple and fun addition to events for any occasion.

Balloon Yard Displays

When you have a message to really get across, whether it's anything from "Happy Birthday" to "It's a Girl" say it loud and clear with a balloon billboard! They are whimsical and eye-catching. Grand gestures don't have to be complicated after all! We have large Balloon Numbers to proudly proclaim your loved one's milestone age, or festive, zany Balloon Marquees to make a fun statement for a themed celebration!

You can be sure we're keeping our finger on the pulse of what's hot here at Cody's Red Balloon! We want to be sure to offer our clients the best of the best, in order to help you celebrate all your occasions in style!

Contact us today to get started planning the decor for your next event! Call (432) 279-0480 or visit

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