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Balloon Billboards for Back- to-School Best Wishes!

It's hard to believe that a brand new school year is right around the corner! So far 2020 has looked nothing like what we'd expected, and of course, the upcoming school year is no different. While some are transitioning into home-schooling their students or utilizing online-learning, others may be going back to the traditional classroom.

Whichever way your family has decided to approach the coming school year, the occasion merits a celebration! We want to help put a spring in your kiddo's step and lift their spirits. We believe all students should feel special and proud of themselves, so we have created a personalized way for you show your support in a BIG way where they can't miss it - right on the front lawn!

Say hello to the Back to School Yard Marquees, or "Balloon Billboards"!

We can personalize the displays to fit your child's taste perfectly. Let everyone know how proud you are and excited your kid is to be kicking off the new year! We can display the grade they are going into along with other festive school-themed balloons to create a fun and vibrant display that is sure to bring a smile to their faces!

Sending warm wishes to students and parents alike for an amazing 2020-2021 school year from all of us at Cody's Red Balloon.

Contact us while supplies last at or by calling (432) 279-0480

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