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Cody's Red Balloon Launches New Website!

Big things have been happening here at Cody's Red Balloon! From our recent ribbon cutting to being voted best in Midland in the Reader's Choice awards - and all the amazing events in between that we've been honored to provide the decor for, we can hardly keep up! So, it only makes sense that we should shake things up on our website as well!

We are constantly thinking of ways that we can be more efficient and serve our clients better. With the continual growth that we have experienced (which, of course we couldn't be more grateful for!) we have noticed the need to update our website. We want to enable our clients to easily find out all the information they may be looking for, see our galleries, shop our services and get in touch with us!

With the launch of the new site, potential clients can now schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss their event with us, and maybe get some input and ideas if they aren't sure what they're looking for. It's a quick and efficient way to get the ball rolling!

There is also a form where clients can share the details of their upcoming event including date, time etc, and an area where they can describe in detail what their event decor will already be consisting of. This is extremely helpful to us as we try to provide the best and most accurate proposals as possible to help their event to go off without a hitch!

Best of all, there are PLENTY of photos to browse of all the fun and amazing balloon designs that we have the immense pleasure of providing to our wonderful clients!

We can't wait for you to browse the new site, and hopefully learn something new about our company or stretch your imagination about the fun and unique ways that balloons can add pizzazz to your future events!

Visit out new website here, and be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date!

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