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Cody's Red Balloon Takes Home Two Awards in National Design Competition

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Over the weekend Cody's Red Balloon was given the immense honor of being recognized at the annual FLOAT Convention in St. Louis, MO receiving two awards in the Design Competition: Best Holiday Themed Decor and Non-profit Event Decor!

There were over 300 delegates who entered their designs into the competition alone, which brought in 600+ photos for the judges to review and select their winners from!

FLOAT is the premier convention for the balloon industry. Although it may be a very niche market, there are plenty of industry professionals who want a way to connect, exchange ideas and draw on each other's creativity. For instance, at the 2019 FLOAT Convention, there were almost 450 attendees from which 23 countries were represented. There were also 30 different sponsors including, for the first time ever, five balloon manufacturers!

Cody Williams attends the convention every year. "We love continuing education and providing our clients with the most current and up to date decor in the balloon industry." In addition to awards, there are also intermediate and advanced-level courses that are taught during the convention. As a matter of fact, Cody has been given the privilege of teaching some of these very courses in the past.

Cody Teaches Master Class at FLOAT Convention

Cody is feeling nothing but gratitude as he reflects upon the exciting weekend and the honors he received among his peers. "Thank you to my team for making this happen for Cody's Red Balloon." he says with a proud grin.

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