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Spreading a Message of Joy, Hope, and Healing to West Texas and the World

Recently we participated in the event, held March 26, joining over 400 other balloon professionals from around the globe. The event's focus was for its participants to promote joy by collectively utilizing over 1 million "bubbles" or balloons, meanwhile sharing our art with the world!

According to One Million Bubbles, "The intent is for the professional balloon industry to share their talents and skills that day to help bring happiness to as many lives as they can and remind the world that there is hope and kindness still out there as they face the new realities of COVID-19."

Well, during this very difficult time, we couldn't think of a better way to share a little love with our neighbors and community than by doing what we do best - building a FUN balloon display!

Our balloon display featured a rainbow arch, the hashtag "#HEAL" and used 475 balloons!

"I chose the rainbow because of the peace and serenity they bring during and after the storm has passed. We as a community have a long journey ahead of healing, not just from the COVID-19 but from the oil industry as well. The unknowing is difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. Cody's Red Balloon as a small business has the ability to bring "joy, healing and smiles" to everyone who needs a pick me up. Balloons make everyone smile, and I am looking toward the future of what we will be again soon, back on top as the world's leading nation and oil producer.
With everything we’re going through, it’s just mentally and physically ... so depressing and with what balloon artists do, we bring so much life to your event and I wanted to bring life to the community in some way and it also helps me deal with what’s going on with losing all these events and no work. It’s just hard to deal with and it’s a great coping thing for everybody,"
- Cody Willaims

Keep an eye out for an Easter Display to come as well! As always, we are floored by the love and support we receive from our fans and clients! Keep spreading love and positivity!

If you'd like to see the NewsWest9 feature story, you may view it here, as well as our feature in The Midlander!

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