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2021 Graduation Celebration!

In the blink of an eye, another school year has almost come and gone! We love helping families celebrate their Graduates because not only is it such a wonderful accomplishment, but they have so much adventure ahead of them!

Graduation parties are booking quickly - and this year we have compiled a fun collection of Graduation displays and bouquets! From 7-Foot Numbers which can serve yard displays or photo backdrops, to Party Poles and 3D Columns, to elegant bubbly garlands perfect for mantles, walls or centerpieces!

We wish all the 2021 Graduates the best and brightest futures with nothing but the best to come! To all the parents who are seeing their grads off to college this fall, or whatever their next steps may be, this is a celebration for you too, on a job well done!

View our collection and place your order while supplies last, and best wishes to all Grads and their amazing families who have supported them on this journey!

- Your friends at Cody's Red Balloon

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